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perforiertes Papier perforiert nach Wunsch, DIN A4
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Admission tickets for self printing, 180x74,25mm with 30mm tear off

Label format: tickets / admission tickets for self-printing

  • VE: 100 sheets
  • Color & paper type according to your choice
  • ticket size: 1800mm x 74,25mm and 30mm tear off
  • DIN A4 / 4 sheets
  • optional fine micro perforation: ................ (clean edges) or 2:1 line perforation: _ _ _ _ _ _ (easier separability)
    application: tickets, billets, admission tickets

If necessary, you can adjust the displayed paper format using the input and selection fields. For example, change the position of the longitudinal perforation to adjust the width of the tear-off.

Label format

vertical perforation

horizontal perforation

DIN A4 210 x 297 mm © CuNU


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Paper selection

Perforation type


Base price: 19.99

Color & Paper Selection:

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(PU: 100 sheets)

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QuantityDiscountPU / NetPU / Gross
ab 1010%15,50€18,44€
ab 2020%13,77€16,39€
ab 3030%12,05€14,34€
ab 10035%11,19€13,32€


Print tickets yourself, tickets to print yourself - the perforation for tickets, billets, tickets was chosen for the displayed article so that per A4 page four equal tickets with the dimension 180mm x 74.25mm and 30mm tear off. Whether for movies, boat trips, concerts or other events where tickets are needed - with perforated paper you get the basic building block for individual design and self-production.

Choose the paper to be used according to your needs. Regarding the type of perforation, we recommend the 2:1 line perforation, which makes it even easier to tear off or separate the tickets. If smooth edges are more important to you, choose our proven microperforation.

  • Tickets, Eintrittskarten zum selbst bedrucken, 80 × 74,25mm + Abriss 30mm

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