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CuNU | perforated paper
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perforiertes Papier perforiert nach Wunsch, DIN A4
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perforated paper 70mm x 148,5mm divided into 6 equal parts

Paper perforated to 70 x 148,5mm

  • PU 100 sheets
  • label size 70mm x 148,5mm
  • DIN A4 / 6 pieces / 6 equal pieces
  • Perforation type at choice (micro perforation for clean edges without fringes | 2:1 line perforation for even easier separability (e.g. for tearing off tickets)
  • Paper grade of your choice
  • Download MS Word-Template 70mm x 148,5mm labels

If necessary, you can adjust the displayed paper format using the input and selection fields:

  • perforiertes Papier 70 x 148,5mm

Label format

vertical perforation

horizontal perforation

DIN A4 210 x 297 mm © CuNU


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ab 2020%13,77€16,39€
ab 3030%12,05€14,34€
ab 10035%11,19€13,32€


The DIN A4 paper offered here is divided into 6 equal parts, so has a 6 use. The size of each perforated paper label is 70mm x 148.5mm. Please choose the desired paper from our paper types available from stock, these are tested and can also be printed after perforation with any standard printer (laser printer, inkjet printer, copier).

We recommend creasing micro-perforated pages before separating them so that they can be torn off cleanly. The 2:1 line perforation makes for even easier tearing, but does not provide quite as clean edges and margins - this type of perforation is used when easy tearing is most important (e.g. for admission tickets, tickets, billets, etc.). If you have any questions about our products, do not hesitate to call us, we will be happy to advise you!

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