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perforiertes Papier perforiert nach Wunsch, DIN A4
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custom perforated paper, DIN A4 paper custom perforated, 100 Sheets

On this page you can display and calculate all technically possible formats of perforated paper we can produce. After entering your custom label format and clicking on "generate", the corresponding symmetrically divided representation is created, which you can still individually adapt via the selection- and input-fields as well as line markers. The calculation of the price is based, among other things, on machine cycles, i.e. the fewer lines are required, the cheaper is individually perforated paper in the production. After your individual paper format has been defined, you can download a suitable MS Word template.

Label format

vertical perforation

horizontal perforation

DIN A4 210 x 297 mm © CuNU


Color choice

Paper selection

Perforation type


Base price: 19.99

Color & Paper Selection:

Perforation lines:

(€ per perforation line)

Price per PU:

(PU: 100 sheets)

Total price:

incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Delivery time:

QuantityDiscountPU / NetPU / Gross
ab 1010%15,50€18,44€
ab 2020%13,77€16,39€
ab 3030%12,05€14,34€
ab 10035%11,19€13,32€


individuell perforiertes Papier - weitere Informationen zur Konfiguration


Please use this selection field to tell us which paper we can perforate for you. The listed standards are available. Other paper types can be processed, but are not stock items and must be ordered first. If you have a color fan, you can determine the color shade relatively accurately using the Pantone specifications:

Kanariengelb entspricht in etwa Pantone 107U Sonnenblumengelb entspricht in etwa Pantone 109U Orange entspricht in etwa Pantone 1505U Ziegelrot, Backsteinfarben - Pantone 165U Korallenrot entsprichtetwa Pantone 485U 2x Kirschrot - Pantone 186U viloett - Pantone 267U blau, Pantone 2995U hellblau - Pantone 298U pink, Pantone 225U Maigrün, Pantone 374U Billardgrün, Pantone 360U Tannengrün - Pantone 1505U

Pastel color paper, brand Clairefontaine

So far, we only have small stocks of these papers in grammage 120g/m². For order quantities of 5,000 sheets or more, the delivery time for these papers is correspondingly higher. We order for you according to your needs.

Pastellfarbe Lavendel Pastellfarbe Aprikose Pastellfarbe blau Pastellfarbe Grün Pastell Rosa kühl grau Pastellfarbe Pastellfarbe Sand bzw. Creme Pastell Chamois Pastell-Gelb

Perforation type

The fine microperforation ensures that their paper labels have smooth and clean edges. Before separating, we recommend briefly creasing the paper so that it does not tear. Alternatively, you can select the perforation type "2:1 line perforation", here 2 parts of paper are cut, one remains - this ensures easy tear-off of the paper labels, as known for example from tickets.

Perforationsarten im Vergleich

How many cross perforation-lines?

Bitte teilen Sie uns mit, über wie viele Querperforationen das Papier verfügen soll. Wir gehen von einem hochkant liegenden DIN A4 Blatt aus. Querperforation meint die horizontal verlaufenden Linien - parallel zur kurzen Seite des DIN A4 Papiers.

Wie viele Längsperforationen?

Tell us how many cross perforations you would like the paper to have. We assume a DIN A4 sheet lying on edge. Cross perforation means the lines running horizontally - parallel to the short side of the DIN A4 paper.

Spacing of the lines

We need detailed and clear information about the course of the lines and the distances of the lines from each other or from the edge of the sheet to produce perforated paper. The configuration tool is intended to provide you with a very simple way to create the format. However, you are of course free to decide how to communicate these dimensions to us, so you are also welcome to mail us a sketch - but it should be clear and take into account the technical limitations of our machines.  This means: at least 10mm distance of the lines to the edge and between the lines, max. 10 lines lengthwise, max. 15 lines crosswise, no offset perforation but only continuous perforation lines from the very right to the left and from the very top to the bottom).

individual perforated paper

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